Sea Slayer Premium Monofilament Line 3 LB Spool

Product Description

Ohero Sea Slayer Premium Monofilament Line 3 LB Spool

This superior monofilament offers 10 times the abrasion resistance of conventional monofilaments yet it is supple. It is remarkably strong and has excellent knot strength. Available now in 3LB and 5LB spools in Aqua Blue to blend seamlessly to its surroundings. Also, we are introducing a new 1000 Yard coil available in Hi-Vis color.

• Ultra strong and thin, sinks faster and provides excellent lure action
• Shock resistance for controlled stretch and superior fighting power
• Soft & smooth for easy knot tying and high tensile strength

• Low memory to resist twists and kinks
• Aqua blue color for the ultimate transparency in offshore

3 LB Spool

Lb Test
Aqua Blue
Hi Vis
$ 95.95

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