Ohero Braided Line 300 Yard Spool

Product Description

Ohero Advanced Microfiber Braided Fishing Line 300 Yard Spool

Made with the highest grade microfiber. Ohero Braid has the smallest braid to monofilament equivalent ratio on the market. It is strong and abrasion resistant with absolutely no memory. Ohero Original Braid is a tough line for tough fish. It is available in Green, Hi-Vis Yellow and Blue. Tensile strength range from 10 lb to 150 lb test. Spool sizes are 150, 300 and 2,000 yards.

• Incredible sensitivity due to almost zero stretch
• Constructed with nano technology
• No spool memory
• Available in 150, 300 & 2,000 yard spools

Lb Test
Hi Vis Yellow
$ 27.95

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