Nylon Gillnet Netting No.104 (210/4)x2-1/2"x200yards

Product Description

Nylon Gillnet Netting

  • Nylon multi-filament gill netting are made of many fine nylon fiber twisted together.
  • It is very strong, flexible, limber, soft, can be dyed.
  • It absorbe some water, and tend to pick up debris in the nets.
  • It comes with 200 yards bundle, sell by bundle only.

No.104 (210/4)

American Size Int'l Size Diameter (MM) Knotted Break
Strength (LBS)
No.104 210/4 0.42 13

Mesh Size Mesh Depth Approx. Weight
Per 200 yards, Lb
Stretch Square Mesh Feet
2-1/2" 1-1/4" 25 5.2  
$ 30.00

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