Mono Netting- No.177 (0.47mm) x 3-1/2" x 200yds

Product Description

Single Monofilament Netting

  • Single strand monofilament is similar as regular fishing line using in rod and reel fishing.
  • Single monofilament nets is easily clearn of mud, debris and pull out the catches.
  • It is more abasion than regular nylon multifilament netting.
  • It is also lighter than regular nylon multifilament because it does not absore a lots water.
  • Most used for gill net and trammel net in commercial fishing.

This netting constructed as double knot to avoid knot slipping, double selvage top and bottom to hold strongly with top rope with floats or float line, and bottom rope with lead or lead core rope. Depthway stretched, comes in different colors, most we stock are natural white and light green. Packed in 200 yards bundle for easy calculation on net hanging for desired length. We stock various mesh sizes and depth to catch different species and meet different fishing ground conditions.

No.177 (0.47mm)

American Size Int'l Size Diameter (MM) Tensile
Strength (LBS)
Knotted Break
Strength (LBS)
No.177 No.8 0.47 21 17

Mesh Size Mesh Depth Approx. Weight
Per 200 yards. Lbs
Stretch Square Mesh Feet
3-1/2" 1.75" 30 8.8
3-1/2" 1.75" 35 10.2
3-1/2" 1.75" 40 11.7
3-1/2" 1.75" 50 14.6
3-1/2" 1.75" 60 17.5
3-1/2" 1.75" 80 23.3
3-1/2" 1.75" 100 31.3
Mesh Depth
$ 98.00

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