Jack Cast Net 3/8" Sq. Mesh (3/4" stretch)

Product Description

High Quality  - High Value-Real Lead

This is the perfect value net!  With a weight of 3/4lb of REAL lead (Not rubber coated steel like other brands)  per foot, the Jack Cast Net is light enough for a beginner to learn with and strong enough for a seasoned fisherman on a budget.  Planning a fun day of fishing? Pick up a Jack Cast Net and go! You will catch all the bait you need for your entire trip.

Mesh Size: 3/8" sq (3/4" stretch)

  • Designed for catching bait
  • Real lead (3/4lb per foot) for faster sink rate
  • Easy to throw
  • Instructions included in box


Jack Cast Net  30 Days Limited Warranty

Limited Liability Warranty

We guarantee our net free from defect on workmanship and material. Exchange or refund will be allowed before putting the net into water if there is any defect. Once the net gets into water, we are not liable to any claim. Please inspect the net carefully before putting it into water.

    $ 25.99